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Something Fishy

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donwloadUploaded on 2/3/02
This story was based on an idea that I had about five years ago. We had a slow period recently - and we though it would be a good idea to create a short that showed the studio's current capabilities in character animation.
The story boards and model sheets were produced in a week, and the animation process took about three and a half weeks, with post visuals and sound, and music another week to ten days. The principle animation work took less than a month for three modler/animators and a tech director to
complete - we're quite proud of that.

We had a lot of fun producing this piece we hope people will have fun watching it.

-Ed Konyha, Creative Director, Brainchild Studios, Inc.
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Fabien on 19 September 2002
If you like Tex Avery cartoons, or "Tom and Jerry", you'll love this one :-)
Starseed on 15 July 2002
Good work comes out of good studios - this is a living testament to that! Keep up the good work!
icarusisflying on 23 June 2002
Somebody showed me the clip on his notebook during a train-trip from Basel to Frankfurt. We had so much fun with it. And after some minutes there were ten people standing around the little film-center, laughing and giggling all the time. Could be an idea for the producers, to sell such little pieces to railway-companies for the entertainment of guests (who mostly are bored during the long time in overcrowded trains).

We talked for a long time about the brilliant piece of work which the studio obviously created.


Phil on 20 May 2002
Excellent work in every department, A great sence of fun not only in the story but in the Design, editing, and colour of the work.
chiva on 13 April 2002
I found it very amuzing and funny :) great job
tipaul on 10 April 2002
Extraordinairement bien fait!
Big Bro on 8 April 2002
Smash hit with folks in Arizona! Bring on more!
bigscreentv on 10 March 2002
This was really great! I loved it, and my kids loved it!
Olly on 5 March 2002
Excellent source
MasterLink on 3 March 2002
EXCELLENT MOVIE! My friend just told me about this site on AIM and i LOVE it! It rules! oh yeah, This movie ruled too, but I really liked the simpsons illusion.
dash on 2 March 2002
Great animation and story telling skills. Its nice to see this level of telant from Canada.

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