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The Frogs and the Princess

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donwloadUploaded on 7/10/01
'The Frogs and the Princess' is a spoof on the age old fairy tale. However, the Frog Prince may not be prepared for this modern day princess.
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tamo on 19 March 2010
maybe it's funny, first I should watch:)
mit on 21 February 2002
really funny when the frog poped and got all over the princess!
Creator - Scott Jones on 13 January 2002
New Website is up at:


Creator on 1 January 2002
Thanks for the tip on the web page. During the whole AT&T/Excite fiasco I lost that URL. I haven't gotten a new one up yet.

Email is still valid though:-)


Scott Jones
VRic on 2 December 2001
The homepage link isn't working.
Carrion on 6 November 2001
It's a great story with a modern-day twist. Worth the download.

The only bad point would be the sound. Improve the sound and you have a higher quality animation, worth putting on a reel. (***--)
CG Artist (Syndicate) on 12 October 2001
I think the stuff is awsome.
Offcourse its easy to say bad things about other peoples stuff than good...
I must say I was impressed buy this "Animation" reel that was made by a Student.
Well done and keep up the good work.

U should have no problem finding a job with this quality . The Industry will give u the tools to become professional.

Crush Velvet on 10 October 2001
Cool stuff!! I loved the fat frog, I bet he get's all the chic's in real life!!
Jimmy Giles on 8 October 2001
Clever. Fat frog's t-shirt keeps changing -- creepy music at the end reminds me of the end of "The Shining."