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Danse de Câble

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donwloadUploaded on 19/4/02
It's the story of a squirrel which sees the advertising for a softdrink. As a result it tries to get to the Café on the opposite side of the street where the vending-machine is located. Consequently the squirrel sets off to
get the softdrink. During the journey several obstacles challenge the squirrel...

We created this 4 min. short film within our second semester at the German Film School. The short was produced within a period of 2 1/2 months.

Authors: Thomas Bittner, Marcus Boos, Moritz Krappel
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David on 23 June 2002
Wonderfull work.. Very well done!
glanna on 3 June 2002
really cute---I love when he meets the bird!Keep them coming you ahve great talent!
detector on 23 May 2002
I thought till Yesterday that those fantastic, & unbelievble handy, small art-works wouldn't exist or even work on my rather slow PPC !
Congratulations at "The Making Of" - staff of the:
>> Danse de cable << !!!
Today I wanted to start downloading "some !!!"
.*mpg files, because like anything new to someone, I wanted to know more, but in fact: from the beginning till now I stuck to a downloadspeed from not more then1,7 -1,8 KB.
And I'm online with a cablemodem !? Can anybody tell me if I'm doing wrong or what's responsible for ?!
Any suggestion &/or help could maybe get me further! Eager for a solution,
Juha Luukko on 7 May 2002
Just wonderful! I am still laughing because of the great facial expressions of the heroic squirrell!
StrgKid on 30 April 2002
RJR Wagner, if you watch till the end of the credits, you'll see the squirrel does get its prize, and the reason behind it not being able to walk quickly on the power cable was due to the fact that squirrels use 4 feet to run balanced, while this squirrel had a button in one of the hands thereby making it impossible to run on 4 paws.

I thought this was an entertaining film and the jolt moment is hilarious.

Good Job Guys!
Eric Drawen on 28 April 2002
Gosh, this movie really rocks. But it's really stupid of you to put the final and "best" joke after the credits!
It was just luck I saw it at all, I mean hey, who waits for the credits to download.

Keep up the good work.

Eric Drawen, restoring balance on earth.
Brian Fellows from Novato on 26 April 2002
I think it's a good one. I like it a lot.
I'm Briwn Fellows
222 on 25 April 2002
i think this is a wonderfully mastered piece. It really is. It has changed my heart and soul forever. I recomend watching it in a garage so you get a life changing experience.
RJR Wagner on 22 April 2002
The irony in the short film was poor. The squirrel should have been able to win his prize after going to so much trouble to get it. Also, squirrels climb and cross branches, ropes, cables and the like quickly and with ease. It is unrealistic to have a squirrel struggling to keep its balance. If your going to go to the trouble of using your talent, be realistic with your characters.
manuel on 19 April 2002
cool, dass ihr nun movie of the week seid. welchen film schicken wir denn danach ins rennen?