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The Deadline

4.09/5 (184 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 3/11/01
Three animators struggle to make a film while the deadline rapidly approaches.

Winner of best 3D Animated Short at the 2001 3D Festival, Copenhagen.
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Shikyrie on 28 October 2004
oh, and how about some little figurines to perch atop my computer :-D
Shikyrie on 28 October 2004
I WANT MOREEEEEEEEE!!! Please!!! I crave, I need... This work is brilliant!!! Please do more (Video/DVD would be nice) 6 thumbs up :)
robertoke on 25 October 2004

Hi, my name is Roberto;
I am Brazilian (speak portuguese) and not understand what speak the "Three animators" in
Short movie : The Deadline
Author : Stefan Marjoram, Dan Lane, Wee Brian

I translate to portuguese if have "legend" same in english!
Somebody help me with What are speaking on short???

Thaks, sorry my "keyboard brazilian!!!"

Roberto Luiz
Please send to mail me
with title "legend-robertoke":

theShivers on 3 January 2003
Superb. Funny. Mooore!!! Encore!!
HellRender on 19 May 2002
this is the most brilliant thing i've ever seen, seriously, i cant stop watching it, and i cant stop laughing!!!! Im crying because this cracks me up every goddamn tyme i watch it, HOLY [CENSORED]!!

I applaud you 3 guys, this is the greatest 3D animation i've seen. While the modeling, lighting, and everything is superb, the great story just puts it above the rest!!

Keep up the DAMN GOOD work guys!!
moah on 21 April 2002
from an annimator : wow !
Zanith on 9 February 2002
Very well animated with a simple plot. However, in this short, the simplicity if part of the heart and beauty of the film. Well animated with a very creative and attractive style of representing the characters. Personally I would like to see more of this style. A true 10.
CountV on 30 November 2001
Fabulous animation. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really liked the pig at the end.

One suggestion though, you needed more Maya References :)

linnaeus on 10 November 2001
No explanation is necessary, and I apologize if what I said offended you. Its just that I've seen a lot of Maya references in animated films lately (the short 'Freeware' and the Final Fantasy movie each contain a rather annoying example) and I guess I see it as more of a distraction than anything, like when films use that gimmicky spinning camera trick from the Matrix.

But that doesn't mean my opinion is any more than just an opinion, and I do love the 'moving bits' a lot. I especially like the film's non-CG look, and I admire the fact that you and your partners were able to avoid the temptation to make it too flashy or in-your-face just because the medium would allow it. That sort of understated simplicity gives it a real softness and elegance that a lot of CG animation lacks.
stefan on 9 November 2001
Glad you liked the film - despite the Maya reference - it's just something Dan put in as he was making the set - not my kind of thing but he likes those sort of jokes. Like in Toy Story where the background books are named after other Pixar films. It's not as if it's in the dialogue or anything.
You're not even supposed to be looking at the books anyway - look at the moving bits ;)
linnaeus on 9 November 2001
Well done! It makes me want to go animate every time I watch it... Could have done without the blatant Maya reference though. Nobody wants to hear a musician sing a song about the brand of guitar he/she owns, so why is it any more endearing to include that type of reference in an animated film?

Just my two cents.
Carrion on 6 November 2001
This is a great animation. Although simple, it is funny and well animated with rich characters. Everything in this animation is done very well, the lighting, sound, facial expressions, script and real world dynamics. This is the very reason it has won the 3D Animated Short award. (****-)
cao on 5 November 2001
Is the first time that I download films for my handled

No more comement for the moment
Honolulu on 3 November 2001
Les maîtres de la patte à modeler avarrivent dans le monde de la 3D ... ça va déchirer !!!!