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Fish Story

3.42/5 (123 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 12/1/02
The story of a fish looking for better living accomodations.
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Brian M. on 7 October 2005
An oustanding movie! Ryan -- I've been searching for your e-mail. Would love to get in touch with you again. Brian

Desert Wild Man on 21 August 2002
The animation was pretty nice but you major problem was that story progressed very slowly. I got bored after the first 20 seconds. Keep workin' though!
ashandburn on 24 March 2002
clever, cute, funny, and touching. i loved every bit of it.
EvilCow on 5 February 2002
I love the little fish so don't knock him!!
Lainey on 5 February 2002
I love this site!
very cool pics
mermaid on 2 February 2002
awwwww bubbles with smiles. Was hanging on the edge of my rock for a happy ending. The grass is not always greener, now is it? Very enjoyable!!!
radi on 31 January 2002
A totally bored fish in a long partly boring film... look out for other films
Diamond on 18 January 2002
This one stunk really bad.
HowdidIgethere? on 15 January 2002
Warning to all: This is a very well thought out, expertly designed, piece of artisitc craftsmanship. If you can't replay it over and over you WILL suffer. Great Job whoever made this. I love it!
PikaDemon on 14 January 2002
I think this was a great video! I remmeber this video from it's original release and it's come a long way. GREAT JOB! I'm just curious, when's Fish Story 2 Fish in Heat coming out? lol.
cmgreeniv on 14 January 2002
This was a great movie. That numrod on aol dial up does not know what he is talking about. Download it, it is worth it. But then again, if your not on a nice phat connection it will take a minute or two. But then again, nothing good is fast.
Blitter on 13 January 2002
Warning to all: This is a very long and boring flick. If your player can't fast forward... you WILL suffer. Definitely not worth downloading with a 56K modem.