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donwloadUploaded on 7/1/02
Iceland is an animated 3D Shortfilm, that we produced within our second semester at the German Film School. The 4 min short film, tells a wild story about two buddys: Pierre [the penguine] and Boris [the ice-bear, who else], are trying to catch a green fish with russian polka in the arctic.
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mathias on 21 February 2002
nice pictures,especially the ending.but where is the story ?!? must have missed it....
make a music clip out of it...but take another music!
Kashif on 11 February 2002
Cool clip ....I like the end especially
Starturner on 2 February 2002
This clip was great fun, recommended :)
Suddenly Angry on 25 January 2002
I thought it was well animated. The music and story on the other hand wasn't my cup of tea.
Eeron on 24 January 2002
Nice little film. Well animated. Nice work.
alcinoe on 23 January 2002
I thought that it was funny and I liked the music.
yeru on 12 January 2002
visually amazing.... but boooooring ...
demanko on 11 January 2002
Im with pixelwks....awful music , amazingly unfunny, very dull story with annoying dialogue...if you can call it dialogue..

Technically...good though.....just get a good idea in the first place.
theForger on 8 January 2002
Very well put together, and quite cute... as long as you don't have your volumn turned up too loud :)

I thought the visual style, audio and action fit nicely.
pixelwks on 7 January 2002
Wow, that was really annoying. The music, the voices and the bizarre action did not work at all.

Technically though it was great. The water effects were really good. Nice effort.