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Road Kill - Turtle

4.03/5 (236 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 19/3/02
SubRes Studio is happy to present the "Turtle", the sixth "RoadKill" short animation.
This might be the last of the series, unless we will find a sponsor for the other. So enjoy and let us know what you think.
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Claudinha on 9 September 2002
I loved "the turtle", but "pigs" is really great!
alfa on 15 July 2002
Very funny film.I like it.
DrDuBose on 9 June 2002
Inspiring gallows humor!
shunned hero on 20 April 2002
it was awesome, p.s. how do i view these without downloading?
taco bravo on 19 April 2002
no technical crap. it made me laugh. i liked it a lot.
Rob Koetsier from the Netherlands on 18 April 2002
The climax is as usual: unexpected and surprising. You see him win but you still know he will loose in the end. Shocking but also hilarious and a great little story with no words.
My favourite is still the bird though, with its easy-gooing he-man Jamaican lifestyle.
Multimediamel on 12 April 2002
Well done...Kudo's for this fine reptillian animation.Liked it alot...Why did the turtle cross the road ?
Starr on 27 March 2002
Road kill was the best. i really like this little film it made me laugh. :) i shared this side splitting film with my workmate off my ipac, and they laugh there butts off. please give us more your new fan. Starr
RAPTOR35345345345 on 26 March 2002
I think this is the greatest of all the road kills.

Good luck with further movies.
TG on 26 March 2002
Awful. So very disappointing after having enjoyed the previous ones so much.
Schultzie on 26 March 2002
Salmon Commercial is great. OUCH!!!!!
Bally on 21 March 2002
Hey Subres guys why don`t you sell some car windscreen stickers with "I Love Roadkill"on them or even splatted ant stickers facing out the car that might get you some funds for more excellent anims. Love it!!!!!!!
Ski-Bum on 21 March 2002
Road Kill Turtle is absolutly one of the best ones I have seen lately :) keep them coming!!
Al Jolson on 21 March 2002
Not the best overall, but it still made me laugh out loud where it mattered. Bravo Subres!
Hertzel on 20 March 2002
One of the best, in THE best series of
them all - ROAD KILL.
Damn, they're just good those Subres guys!
Keep going.
brolic on 20 March 2002
thumbs up