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Wishful Thinking

4.00/5 (236 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 8/6/01
Wishful Thinking is a 4 min CG cartoon telling the story of a desperate turtle that bumps into a magic lamp and gets a chance to change its life in 3 wishes.
Oren Ben-Tov is a student of "camera Obscura" college of art in Israel, in his 3rd year and has one more year to graduate.
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DAT48 on 17 December 2006
Very well done - thanks for letting us download.
sbc on 20 May 2002
This was a great flick.....Won't more.... on 1 January 2002
Beautiful short! The story is delightful, and I really love the ending - it brings a warm feeling. Love ourselves the way we are... Great animation. Thanks so much for sharing it with us all!
Another 'me' on 19 December 2001
Very creative and fun...clearly the animator has a lot of talent and is definitely going to succeed. Good luck
giuseppe on 23 June 2001
C'est vraiment super cool!! Avec un bon storyboard

Continuez les gars!
Blochi on 18 June 2001
I love it. Especially I like the way you convert the old-school Chuck Jones style to 3D. Although I must agree with the above comment, that some holds seem to be a bit long, but honestly, I would be happy if I could reach your level...
I wonder if you read "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett - a turtle in the desert doesn't seem to be the most obvious idea...
Again, congratulations to this great work!
Best luck in school!
keith lango on 16 June 2001
Sweet! Very fun piece to watch. Made me smile.
Some of the technical stuff was sketchy at spots,
but hey, that's why you're in school. :o)
I gave it an 8.

Keep up the great work and keep growing.
-keith lango
Ira on 16 June 2001
I thought the film was terrific!
Anima on 16 June 2001

That is a very VERY nice student film. I think the overall film is good enough as a whole that I am willing to overlook the modeling and lighting shortcomings. The character animation has flaws that compound the modeling and lighting issues.

The environment looks allright, your effects animation is fine. THe character models looks overlit and things like colliding surfaces (in the shoulder sockets etc.) become very glaring. Usually these kinds of things are easier to overlook when the character animation is VERY polished. You can do it I am sure with more time and practice. Work on some actions with the character you already have. Do some cycles, some acting. The timing is a big issue. Some things seem to hold too long and move too slow. Most noticeable is the anticipation on the turtles run when he gets his first wish. His pose is awkward when he turns his head so far back and holds for so long with out any REAL exreme.

Try this. Keep his head forward. His eyes on his goal. Use his body position and stance. It may be easier to go for a compressed stance. Right before he launches put in one frame of a real extreme. SO he maybe compresses, for 5 frames, then compresses extra tight for 1 frame before bolting forward.

Nice work! Keep it up!! I would hire you :)
Voxxer on 13 June 2001
Say hello to the critic ;)
Good idea/story..
Really good movement..
Different from all the violent movies out today ;)

Things that could have been better?
Perhaps you should have graduated with it..
What a waste on a second year ;)
lemonade on 12 June 2001
Very, very nice! ;-)
Cool shots!
jeh on 12 June 2001
Nice work indeed! Good storytelling and gags.
Character animation was'nt as good as story, but
I think you have the glue what how to improve that...
More this kind of animations.
Creator - Oren Ben-Tov on 11 June 2001
would like to get more comments plz :)
Things to make better?
good things? bad things?
Any suggestions are welcome.
ana ludovino on 11 June 2001

PENA on 11 June 2001


jifa on 10 June 2001
a beatifull movie! i wish i could celebraite
with the one (& only) who made it...
:) me.