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Road Kill : Ant

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  by Subres
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donwloadUploaded on 5/10/01
Ant is the fourth short in the "road kill" serie.
Road kill is a deadly serie about nice animals.
From the authors : "we've lost five souls so far and we are now looking for a sponcer to help us kill the four souls we still have or even more!"
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acidance on 24 August 2005
Very good i do like it a lot. I will see the series.
Mikey on 2 November 2003
Would it be possible for Road Kill: Fox to be posted on this site. I am a big fan of the Road Kill series, but for some reason I cannot see the video part of files I download from, but I can see the video on files I download from here. If you don't want to post Fox, could you at least email me the file in the same format as the ones here? Thanks!
Shakey on 13 April 2002
Hey Road Kill Team :o) Keep up the good work. Just watched my first movie "Turtle" Now working my way through the others. Thanks for the humour :o)
Subres sound system on 7 November 2001
actualy, we do have a roadkill "fox" that looks pretty much like a puppy....
but it is not online here because it was our first and not that good.
and yes, Rej, you did hear a "crunch". i especially recorded an egg squishing for that.
thanks for all the feedback.
Rej on 23 October 2001
I love the ending. Has the ant dropped the "burden" and strolled off with a red face, or did we hear the click of crunched ceratin?
Great animation. Pigs has more humour, the series is maturing into more than the starting idea for a macabre and controversial theme. Well done the team.
ashu on 23 October 2001
hey catman....
do u mind a roadkill:puppy?
u kno i bet,the animators cant make one....
cause their hearts will simply melt....
isnt it guys?
ashu on 23 October 2001
i love u jeni.
the roadkill series is the cool.
have u seen 'shilvery'...?
its my favorite.
ashu on 23 October 2001
hi guys,
looks like i started a war!
anyways.....i like animals and i didnt mean to say: roadkill:cat
actually i meant roadkill:catman
and imm sure catman is a catwoman ;-)
dont mind...keep up the good work.
Cygus on 22 October 2001
these shorts kick butt..i love em..
for your sake catman that does not mean i hate animals..but that i can appreciate humour when i see it..

you subres guys..what software are you using to do these clips and how long did each one take to make?
darkiller on 19 October 2001
simple and nice ! well done !
VoodooPreacher on 15 October 2001
I'm a fan of the road kill series also. This one was by far my favorite. Anyone who can't understand that this is a joke really needs to have their sense of humor checked...or at very least just avoid watching this and stop their
Jeni on 14 October 2001
ashu, saul, dieter_vr

I am with catman, I think that it's a wast of time. there are better things to do than make movies about killing animals. the person that makes them should get a life there are many good and funny movies on this website and this is not one. all road kill ones should be taken off. Ornaments now there is a funny movie.
db on 11 October 2001
Verry Nice :))
and... keep on the good work.
dieter_vr on 9 October 2001
La presencia de esta página en internet, es una de las razones por las que no he enviado al diablo a mi computadora. Los comentarios reprovatorios de el tipejo llamado "catman" solo son parte de ses ruido que evita que el internet avance en sus posibilidades. Catman, let me tell you some words in your lenguage...YOU BETER KILL YOUR SELF, AND LET THE LIFE GO ON.
saul on 7 October 2001
i think the guy at the top is an asshole if he does not understand to comedy behind it.
its comics man, its not real!!!!
any way i am sure those guys that did this like animals more than you do.
tha ant road kill is great, i think maybe the best, great animation and sound track
good job guys, who ever you are...
Catman on 6 October 2001
ashu you are a such a dumbass oh I don't know if I can use words like this on this page but you are the most F#@Ked up in the head thing... I love cats you can go to hell...
oh if I knew where you lived I would so have words...
the road kill's are really bad... they are a dumb part of this web site... they shouldn't be on here... I think the person that is making them should be road kill...
ashu on 6 October 2001
big fan of the road kill series.
the ant one was kewl.
imm waiting for roadkill : cat
do u have one? :)