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Watch Out

4.01/5 (266 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 20/10/02
Watch Out is an 8 min cartoon designed entirely with Maya in 7 months.
It's the story of a little Ninja entering a highly secure temple by a full moon night. He'll have to use all his talents to reach his goal.
Lot of action, humor, romantism, ... enjoy !
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B. Thayer on 4 October 2003
There were a few things I really didn't like about this piece, but I can see the talent that lies behind its creation.

Good work.
woofwoof on 21 May 2003
the best i have ever seen. hope to see more of yr work...comedy plus kong fu...
Pinky on 7 May 2003
Very nice.
Am all round great blend of comedy, stupidity, fighting games and fun.
Dr. Faust on 26 February 2003
Very Funny. If you liked Kung Pow you would like this! Even if you didn't see kung pow or hated kung pow. You Will DOWNLOAD! I COMMAND YOU
Graxxor on 18 February 2003
Absolutely top rate... Great character and the attention to detail in the surroundings is equally awesome: The insides of the Japanese Temple and even the tatami mats... Everything is awesome.

It is a bit of a shame that the Japanese at the start of the movie is wrong, though, considering the attention paid to the rest of it.

Fab work, I'd love to see some more adventures of this intrepid, but small chap.
Dx on 27 December 2002
goob job, very very good job, too goob job
polo on 9 November 2002
Great stuff! - Nice animation and story line! 11/10
-=Wired=- on 7 November 2002
I really liked the enviroment you guys had. And if it is possible i would like to see how you did it or get a look at some of the textures that you used.

Nice job
HEBUS on 7 November 2002
beaucoup d'humour, bonne animation. Bon boulot les mecs!!
nenoXtreme on 6 November 2002
Fantastic !!! One that said "crap" have to show something better first...

I love it, keep up the good work.
Davide on 30 October 2002
Ottima la caratterizzazione e l'ironia....senza contare l'ottimo lavoro svolto.Complimenti veramente.Bravissimi.
Stern on 28 October 2002
A somewhat entertaining peice. I think it couldve been narrowed down to around 2 minutes. i dont see why i had to watch 6 minutes of crap just to get to the action. also the animation could be better, wayy better. Keep working at it, you guys show potential.
g1 on 27 October 2002
Great! I loved it. Keep up the fantastic work!
lambi on 27 October 2002
_Very_ good! The characters movement animations are awesome!
@Deresik: Try their homepage. You'll find a ~30 Megs DivX-version there.
Euegene on 24 October 2002
Great job, this animation was very entertaining. The ninja face off was my favorite part. Keep up the good work.
Deresik on 23 October 2002
GREAT!!! I didn't expect such a lovely graphics and animations... i really must have one in better quality, can enyone help?
bash on 23 October 2002
Amazing! :).. love it, love it, love it.. :)
kev on 21 October 2002
very articulate tricky movements i really liked the character
Senzagakhona on 21 October 2002
Good animation, very funny. I thought it was going to be a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon knock off, but it turned out cool.