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donwloadUploaded on 22/2/04
The film is about a character called Dohbert who has just had the latest gadget , a hover bike, delivered to his door. In his eagerness to fly the bike he neglects to read the instructions or even unpack it properly, leading to all sorts of problems especially since the bike seems to have a life all of its own.
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lewis649 on 14 January 2011
this is good
tjra on 24 March 2010
Think this is great. Have tried to copy this but cannot. Want to use it with my class but the site is blocked by the county server. Any suggestions?
vthiessen on 6 March 2010
I showed this to my grade one and two class. They broke up in uproarious laughter. They absolutely loved it. I think you really captured the essence of this character with no words!
Needless to say, it was a fabulous writing springboard.
javey on 1 February 2010
mogsy on 26 January 2010
bshegerty on 21 October 2009
A lesson we can all learn from! Wonderful.
superteach61 on 10 October 2009
Loved this, I'll use it in class!
skh on 11 November 2004
Richatos on 30 April 2004
I'd really enjoyed your animation, it was cool
Buffle Love on 12 April 2004
The Cartel salutes you for making this available. As information slips out it will only exist to assist the hoverbike divisions in the underground. When The Revolution opens its eyes and begins to breathe on its own, your institution shall be spared the wrath that others in the offensive minority will endure. Manifestation is long since underway.

As it stands, we find that the Biryani Cartel is even more unprepared than was first realized. We see now that we need only to be 2 years ahead in the current time pacing schematic to be at an equal status. Our earlier tests are now reinforced by this data, and shows we currently hold a 10-15 year schedule of advancement in all areas of investment, procurement, and wholesale trade; this even before the mention of training and enforcement.

I share this data as intrepidly, and boastfully, as possible. By the time it is digested, my location will once again have shifted continents.

- Bison Specialist Hoverbike Captain basmati
::: Code Name : Buffle Love :::
Sharon on 11 April 2004
Such a cute story. Loved it!
g10 on 30 March 2004
Jollyrgr on 5 March 2004
Neat little movie.
johan on 27 February 2004
här är en rolig en