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Trop de Silence

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donwloadUploaded on 9/9/01
"Trop de Silence" is a animation based on the song of Mano Solo a french song writer.
This animation has been completed in 3 weeks using Max3.1 and Char Studio 2.5. Final render has been done in black & white to focus more on lightings. Final cuts and arrangement has been done with Adobe After Effects 4.1 to give this red color to the movie.
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Texarus on 17 September 2001
Great animation Stephane, would've been better if you covered your biped with an actual mesh, but the mood and setting fits great with that french song. Nice work!
Heatcliff on 15 September 2001
I can't believe you put three weeks of work in this. All i saw were some camera moves, lighting that went from one place to another and almost no character animation. Hell, i can make this in two days. Terrible waste of internetspace.

bingo on 12 September 2001
Not worth the time of a download
joe on 9 September 2001
Strange Movie...nicely made none the less
frost on 9 September 2001
Very nice animation.Very impressive.Nice music with the simple colors.The contrast-light/shadow is great.Im fascinated.I have no more words.......