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The Dreamer

3.35/5 (85 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 12/10/01
This is a 5 minute film about a little wooden artist's mannequin who dreams of being on the stage. His dream sees him dancing like Michael Jackson, impersonating Groucho Marx, and becoming a great Magician. But does it make him happy?
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Leslie on 13 February 2002
Quality stuff.
Had a good sense of mystery & magic.
Intro was good.......ending was a bit weak though.
Damian on 2 November 2001
Thanks for the compliments you two :-)
berk3d on 16 October 2001
The "Michael Jackson" Part is very amusing!
nice animation, really
NETKUNG on 12 October 2001
I love it.Everytime I watch this animation.I feel as same as I'm watching the great drama movie.Although the end of story will be not happy ending but it's a good animation for me