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Cheese Emporium

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donwloadUploaded on 12/10/01
One of Monty Python's classic comedy sketches, animated in 3D with some new characters acting to the voices. This was intended as a little exercise in lip sync and character interaction, but ended up as quite a nice short film.
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Leslie on 13 February 2002
Nice. Pitty it was so short. :-)
I hope they do some more Monty Python stuff.
Damian on 2 November 2001
Thanks for the comments :-)
It's nice to have some of my work being enjoyed.
Carrion on 31 October 2001
This is a great clip. It combines both the humor of Monty Python and the power that is character animation today. This is a great example of what can be done with modern day lip synching. (****-)
Brett on 29 October 2001
Good stuff! Great animation and expressions. Check out his site theres more on there.
-s- on 25 October 2001
just started dowloading but already laughing.
what a great great sketch that was!

maybe i will do the parrot sketch!
see ya!