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Feel - The Roses and The Wine

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  by Feel
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donwloadUploaded on 11/10/01
This is a fully animated rock band called FEEL.
They are based in Sydney (Australia) and are made up of two musicians : Scott Tansley and Phil Howland. Animation (and all CG) done by Scott Tansley, alone.
Animated in 3dsmax in one Max file. He used Discreet Effect for editing/compositing. What sets this animated band apart from others (eg, gorrillaz) is that the musicians did the animation themselves. So they know exactly how the characters should be animated and how the guitars and drums should be played (or animated).
This is their first music video and plan many more to come !!
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UnixGirl on 15 August 2002
Attention to detail is great! Music is wild. This clip is fabulous. Anything that disturbs my mother, makes my dogs bark and makes me laugh is worth it! (Luv the shoes!)
Stuart on 7 August 2002
I love this! I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and made an MP3 out of it so I could listen to it in the car and at work! it would be one of my favorite songs of all time!

Are there any more? Please email me if there is! I'd love a whole album's worth!
Lyubomir Kovachev on 4 May 2002
An year ago I saw "Alien Song" by Victor Navone. This inspired me to start learning character animation.
Now I see this... and I feel inspiration again...
Chikenears on 26 October 2001
GREAT! JUST GREAT! From a drummers point of view I was astounded at the timing and precision. The music is outstanding also! The creativity is there so keep it up and you'll go very far. Simply amazed! Thanks and good luck.
saint on 19 October 2001
Well there isn't many comments so I guess I'll say how great this video is. The music is smooth and it's rock there's nothing better. The animation goes with the music making the whole thing just perfect.
Batman on 12 October 2001
well done Phil & Scott,a true masterpiece, keep em comimng
gatchaman on 12 October 2001
lively and energetic piece of werk! so good have different talents that be combined together so well.