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donwloadUploaded on 14/7/01
Ethyl'hic is a study project done in 1999 by three French students of Supinfocom (Valenciennes, France) in 9 months using Max.
It tell us about the most weired dreams of a drunk man : wine-skiing, beautyfull mermaids, ...

Note : extra bonuses and DiVx version available at the original site.
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Stilgarna on 5 February 2003
C est de la bombe ce film...
polo on 1 August 2001
well done, good story line and good scenery :)
beatnut on 21 July 2001
It made me rock hard. Those bottles at the beginning really rocked my cock. I'm gonna go get a new motherboard and jack off on it right now. Lol, seriously it was very well done. Great work, especially for max.
Voxxer on 16 July 2001
It was really funny and well done..
Nothing to complain about really..