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3.63/5 (92 votes)
  by Ani1
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donwloadUploaded on 29/7/01
This short movie is about environment : il tells the importance of environment through their life.
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A Mejias on 23 August 2001
This short starts out great! Beautiful work on lighting, environments and plants good choice of music. But don't be fooled, just as the music changes so does the quality.

The character work is abysmal at best. Poorly designed and animated and the voices are annoying. Also the story is weak. The corny characters just threw me out of the fantasy and reminded me that it was just another of many bad animated shorts. It's as if it was done by two separate artists of differing skill levels or one artist that needs a lot more practice in character work. Perhaps even stay away from character work altogether.

Overall a big disappointment! What started out so well ended very badly. Worth downloading for the plants and to see an example of what could have been a good film and how it goes bad.

I just can't say enough good things about the beginning and enough bad things about the rest.

A Mejias
starlord167 on 12 August 2001
Excellent.10 out of 10!This movie should be put forward for an award..well done!
Dirk on 31 July 2001
Fantastic job you did. How did you compress the file ?

With regards,