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19 Peel Street

3.97/5 (200 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 14/7/01
Nineteen Peel Street is a story about imagination.
The viewer is entertained with two notions, one of reality the other of fantasy. Despite their inherent differences, these conceptions share common boundaries within the mind of a child. Peel Street; being a part of my past, exists in a small suburban town just outside Toronto, Canada. It explores the importance of time and captures personal moments of childhood.
Reflecting on these moments throughout our lives, not only tell us where we are from, but who we really are.
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kim on 8 August 2005
it touches my heart! i like the song!
Big Honkin' Spaceship!!! on 29 August 2002
Anyone who wants to know more about the music on this film should contact - they created custom music for Stephan's film.
Dream on 7 August 2001
A very good movie !
Really beautiful !

And i suppose it has been done on 3DS Max... Whatever, the program doesn't matter...

it's a really good job !
But i think that the baby is the less well animated ...

aniway, there is emotion in the movie... and emotions is the most important !
Douglas Bowker on 3 August 2001
Really nice work- would've liked to see more realism in the environments and lighting in the "real" world shots-like the street and hallway. The baby and animals were great. Nice soft look to the forms and texturing. Good music choice too.
mann on 2 August 2001
what software did you use in here?its kinda cool.....and mmmmm....its surreal!!!!good job!!!i can have 5 buckets of popcorns for that!!!
airmail on 31 July 2001
tell us tell us what is the music title
plus, what software did u use for this awesome animation !!!
i-d on 28 July 2001
Love it. I don't care about perfection if
story is so well told. Beautifull and lyric.
FF eat your shorts out.
SomeDude on 25 July 2001
Very well rendered and animated. The subtle animation on all the animals in each study helps bring life to the characters, especially the ears on the pig. The baby has great motion too, somewhat reminiscent of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The one thing that will turn this great animation into a phenomenal animation, is motion in the trees at the beginning of the piece. You’re on that shot quite sometime, leaves blowing in the wind would just give it that extra impact. That is, if there was any wind on Peel Street!

Nice work.
Paladin1126 on 25 July 2001
Truly wonderful imagery, touching like a child's lullaby. I unfortunately had quite a bit of clipping and static on the audio
track which distracted from the full impact. My only other edit would have been to place the first dream shot of the elephant on
the unicycle after the introduction of the child. This is a it would seem to flow better. (Personal choice not a criticism)

Can not wait to see your next project.
VipeNess on 25 July 2001
Nice Animation, but what soing is that playing in the background ???
yoyoMa on 25 July 2001
Very nice! Gave me Goose bumps :D
FaceMn on 24 July 2001
Great work! I think the baby was great. But what happened to the music from Goodwill Hunting that i remember hearing when it was posted on CG-Char? :)

- Jason
Richard D on 24 July 2001
Wicked job, Stephen was my teacher this past semester for Animation and he really knows his software. Good job, and I'll see you in the west coast!
Akuryou on 18 July 2001

Great film.

Very dreamlike. I guess a better word would be surreal. I agree with the last poster though, that the baby wasn't entirely perfect but damn close(!).
Other than that, just plain beutiful!
CitizenDave on 16 July 2001
Very nice - odd, fun sentiment. Nice music too.
Voxxer on 15 July 2001
Truely amazing ;)
This was a great movie..
Great story..

If there is anything to complain about then the baby could have gotten a little more work..
but still it got very good movement..

but as the pro's say: "Humans are thoughest"