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donwloadUploaded on 1/12/01
Description: This animated short follows a light bulb headed robot walking through a dark and barren landscape when it come across something out of the ordinary, but oddly familiar. This short film was written and animated in 2000 by Ryan Foss on his home PC. Original musical score by Nando Florestan
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vn_mutalik on 18 January 2010
Almux on 2 December 2001
Hey real good dear!
I realized a 15 min CDrom last year. Can't show you moves (too havy for web) and my own site isn't done yet!!! ;o(
But few pictures, if you like at:
Bryce, Carrara and Pixels where used.
Good work on!

wanghm7419 on 2 December 2001
I very like your site.