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donwloadUploaded on 7/9/03
A caveman discovers the cinema...
JURANNESSIC is one of the trailers shown during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in june 2002. It has been directed by 5 studients of the GOBELINS animation school ( In-Ah RÖDIGER, Simon Pierre ANDRIVEAU, Yann AVENATI, Hervé BARBEREAU and Louis CLICHY.
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march on 26 January 2005
absolutely brilliant!!!
I mean the 2d is great!! and the timing is beyond inspired!!! I definetely give this a 10/10. I just wish there was more 2d around.
jaime on 9 September 2004
It's a real lesson on animation and also handles the basics of humor.
DeLeon on 1 August 2004
This is hilarious!
Sharon on 13 April 2004
Very very interesting! I watched it three times in a row. Thanks and keep up the good work.
mau on 1 March 2004
Mesmo na idade da pedra, sempre o homem teve desejos sexuais, é natural, é ser vivo!
nela on 11 December 2003
be happy
OcRaM on 1 December 2003
ho do i join your site, please reply.
Ivyn on 1 December 2003
That was spectacular, I watched it several times in a row and actually laughed. I like the concept, very original, cave-man using animation. Thumbs up!
13 on 28 November 2003
jupa on 22 November 2003
This is the most "espectaculiar" clip I´ve ever seen!, just great ,i have seen it several times.
felicitaciones, la creme de la creme.
mitch on 13 November 2003
BRILLIANT!! I want to see the dancing woman come down from the wall and enter his cave world!
shani on 11 November 2003
Though the clip is short,it's fantastic!The choice of music is absolutely fab!!Congrtulations!!keep up the good work!!
Renata Moura on 4 November 2003
Congratulations!!! This is just the best! I´m addicted to it!!
Carlos Alberto Teixeira on 24 October 2003
Awesome. But, for Christ sake, who put that stalactite right there??!?! - c.a.t.
Entertained on 22 October 2003
The clip is short but excellent. Good choice of music to go along with it. Keep it going man!
por on 13 October 2003
Another animator dude. on 26 September 2003
The jedi dude could have said it better. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!
1001 Jedi Nights on 15 September 2003
this is short, but absolutely hilarious!
Jay on 14 September 2003
The animation looks great. It's unfortunate that the clip simply ends abruptly; I'd love to see the entire trailer.