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Typical Male Robot Behavior

4.12/5 (325 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 3/6/02
"Typical Male Robot Behavior" is a weekend/after hours project that I started in June 2001 and finished in May 2002. The story was developed out of my wish to exploit the antics that commonly take place in a bar setting. Marty the robot experiences a night out in a local space pub that gets out of hand. It may feel quite familiar to some of us "typical males"...
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kazaster on 21 December 2003
Great work.
DeFEcT on 27 November 2003
20/10 :) w00t brillent
Dima on 26 June 2003
Absolutely brilliant! The animation, the camera movement, the "cast", the language :), the rythm... 10 points
Queen of Spade on 16 February 2003
Totally phemomenal! I downloaded this for my boss and he LOVES it! Everyone just thinks this is the greatest!

Are we gonna see a sequel?
Tarzan on 28 November 2002
So good work dude!
When we see the sequel?
Stompy38 on 22 August 2002
I watched this about 5 times in a row. Certainly one of the very best animations I have ever seen. Truly skillful combination of high quality animation, music, sequences,... AND a good share of irony! ;-)
UnixGirl on 15 August 2002
Hmm... Kinda think all males act like this not just robots :-). Great work, couldn't stop laughing. Anything that makes you laugh is well worth the effort to download and fill up your disk space.
2cool on 7 August 2002
Angel on 19 July 2002
Awesome Ryan

This is a truely amazing little video. Great graphics and sound quality. Great Work!!!!
Groupy101 on 16 July 2002
Tripping the rift will take some beating , but this is the closest thing i've seen to it for quality and fun.
A delight to watch , extremely funny.
Let's hope we see more of Marty!!!
Karnevil on 14 July 2002
..but what hits me real good was your 'cartoonesque' designs...the scene..the props..especially the characters...You've definitely did a splendid job on making them come to life with this hilarious storyline. Thanks a lot man!!
Demon on 26 June 2002
This piece of animation is excellent . . .
I wonder if there will be any more of these in the near future (MARTY! MARTY! MARTY!)


Momchil on 25 June 2002
Original, Fun and Excellent
animation !!! Rate: 10/10
Watduh on 25 June 2002
*GREAT* I rated it a 9 way before 2 a.m. and last call; when we know there ain't no ungly MPEG's,in the web-bar!! Great work, Hats off
tecrekka on 21 June 2002
IronEagle on 20 June 2002
It was soooooooooooo! funny you got to check it out you will laugh you head off when you see it
Out of the raiting between 1-100 I give it A 100
So download it you will not be sorry that you did
I recomend it alot Enjoy it if you come across this cite. Iron Eagle.
Aldous on 17 June 2002
Top quality and very funny!!! If you look closely, you could see Seven of Nine in the newspaper.
Highly Recommended!!!
J-tt on 11 June 2002
Damn this is Awesome. When is the film ? kids would love it and parents would lose it.... Great animation, lighting, texturing, music the lot. What software was it produced with ? "Like, dude....!!" 12 /10 if it can be rated
Aska on 9 June 2002
It's Ab-So-Lutely Hilarious, got me almost rolling off my chair! Great storyline, pretty good quality, an excellent production! Clever ending with a pun intended *grins* (Hot Chick Robot goes home with Neckita?!) Perhaps we'll get to see Revenge of TMRB yeah?
Crush on 8 June 2002
Superb Animation! Very funny is the endpart with the joystick and the girl. =8-)

Will Marty survive? (hoping for a sequel)
JediKnight on 7 June 2002
This is one of the best Animations I have seen.
Astro on 4 June 2002
OH MY GOD! The quality of this one is a quantum leap better than the usual crap. Alex is right...even the credits had me glued to the screen.
Alex on 4 June 2002
Great Animation Ryan.

Really great stuff.. Whacky story but enjoyable. The ending credits were worth the download at all. When will we see more?

Great stuff!