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donwloadUploaded on 15/2/04
Lars Keagan is an ordinary farmer who paints the most important moments of his life. We witness his artistic progress from infancy to old age as he reflects the dearest moments of his life.
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Francisco Delgado on 9 May 2008

simplemente gracias, haz tocado mi corazón, me muestras lo que soy y en lo que creo. Desde la música hasta el mensaje detrás de las imágenes, no he visto nada que me haya hecho vibrar tanto como tu trabajo. Desde mi y mi familia, gracias desde México.

simply thanks, you touch my heart, you show me al that I am and all that I believe. Since music until message behind of images, I had not seen anything which put to vibrate to me like how your work. Since me and my family, thanks from Mexico.
David on 2 September 2005

Thank you for demonstrating that beauty is not so much in the eye of the beholder as it is in the hands of a beautiful creator. Brimming with creativity and sublimely supported with a classically simple score. Bravo to the whole team--your old advisor
kleinesengel on 2 June 2005
Ein wunderschöner Film, von dem ich schon bei dem Gedanken daran Gänsehaut bekomme.
Alexis on 26 May 2005
Ce film est d'une beauté plastique et artistique exceptionnelle. C'est le film de notre vie à tous qui passe en 9mn.
Thanks man
alias on 21 May 2005
A very touching video, indeed.
Raph on 29 April 2005
What a wonderfull work. Thankyou so much, I havent see something this beautifull in a long time.
Nomak on 6 March 2005
very good work! thats pure life!
Casper on 10 February 2005
This is the kind of shortfilm I usually don't like. The storyline can fast become too sugarsweet and pointless, BUT this one is sure an exception. I really like that the storys told in a kind of "diary" way, and you visualize it great though hes style of drawing, and the ageing of hes hand.

The movie never tries to be something that it isn't, but at the same time it holds my attention (which can be hard :D ). Even more, it's a statement that you don't need highend GI renders with DoF, SSS and whatever fancy panzy newbizz techniques to make a good film = good story + artistic originality owns every time :)

Good work guys, I will keep my eyes spotted for more.
Gordon on 2 February 2005
I am a 56 year old man and I'm not ashamed to say I wept, it was a most moving video and if there is any justice in this world you all should be awarded Oscar's. The music was perfect. Simply beautiful, will stay with me for a long time if not forever!
duc on 24 January 2005
i love you !!!!!
Timber on 5 December 2004
Thanks again Moritz, you're all great guys !
mo on 30 November 2004
hello everybody.

Jerome: thanks for correcting the credits. i really appreciate it. and thank you for "pocketmovies". it's a great site!

Timber: thank you for your feedback. the score does not have a title. i composed it for the movie only. so i guess you could call it "the beauty of life" if you wanted. i can send you the sheets so that you can play it on your piano. just provide me with your adress in a personal mail by clicking on the names of the authors above. you should be able to send me a direct mail that way.

everybody: thank you! thank you! thank you!
we really appreciate all your positive feedback on our movie. thanks for supporting us that way.

all the best. chao. moritz bunk

Timber on 23 November 2004
That film let me breathless !
That is truly amazing.
Technology is one thing, creativity and sensitiveness is an other.
The childish graphic style is so relevant in here. What emphasises very much the whole atmosphere of the film is the MUSIC.
WHERE in the world did you fetch it ?
I'm dreaming of playing it on the piano.
Could you tell me the name of the song ?
Thank you so much !
pcg on 21 November 2004
a great piece of work...
fiddling phil on 17 November 2004
Wow! I lack the words to describe my feelings. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on my PC screen and tears were not very far off! I can only agree with the all of the other comments: overwhelming, moving, simple yet ever so profound and hard-hitting, sensitive, powerful, brilliant! As I said, I lack the right words... Straight A's on that one guys!!!
Cheekigirl on 7 November 2004
Touching!! It really does make you appreciate the simple things in life that many of us take for granted.
Tragic_Comic on 30 October 2004
Outstanding. A truly touching and sensitive creation.
Goro Fujita on 14 October 2004
Hi Alto!
It's the work of 7students at the German Film School including myself. I send the description and the list of the team to the admin but somehow he posted only my name. I already send another reminder but he didn't change the part. Don't know why I'm the only one mentioned here. Maybe cause I've send the file to pocket movies.
Sorry for that!

Here is the team
Moritz Bunk
Felix Graf
Patrick Kreuser
Marc Müller
Silvia Kratzsch
Christian Miletzki
and myself

and thnx to you all for your nice words!
We appreciate that! Thnx from the whole team!!
alto on 11 October 2004
Brilliant work.. touching, subtle, wonderfully shot.. I have one important question to ask, however: I watched the movie a couple of times.. The credits at the end name Mortiz Bunk as author and director.. he seems to also be responsible for the music (might have composed it himself?!) How come his name doesn't appear on the site? Just wondering. I guess I feel that credit should be awarded to those who create! Thanks though, for a eye-opening movie-experience.
a.m.i on 7 October 2004
a tear allmost fell from my eye...
ioyo on 1 October 2004
Guitbox on 15 September 2004
Wonderful. Moving. Beautiful animation. Looks hand-crafted and that's a good thing.
Don on 6 September 2004
A nine minute wonderfull mixed emotion experience. It's the story of all our lives. Everyone should see it, and then again. Thank you Goro.
Ragnarok on 5 August 2004
A moving and simple story, which had me in tears without me realizing it. It broke my heart with melancholic joy and quiet sadness, far more than any short film I have ever seen. The music is also gripping and truly touching.
It is really a masterpiece, animation never gets any better than this. Animation ? Forget that word. This is, simply, art. Brilliant, overwhelming, poetic. Just like life.
DeLeon on 1 August 2004
Brilliant, original and truly touching.
eugenio on 13 July 2004
very inspiring. These artists came up with something that took a lot of thought and creativity and it was entertaining all the way through. Great concept!
I couldn't figure out where the 3ds max was used. Any ideas?
robert on 8 July 2004
This is my first-time download . Very excited.
3DimensionAl on 6 July 2004
Nice piece of work with a good story line. This one gets an A.
Era Scarecrow on 6 June 2004
A masterpeice, perhaps the most touching video i have ever seen.

No more words needed. :)
cutlegs on 2 June 2004
You are an artist.
No more words.
lynn on 31 May 2004
simple life is really wonderful. very heartwarming!
lynn on 31 May 2004
wstaeblein on 21 May 2004
Its Fantastic! A masterpiece!

This should be shown all around the world, it has the power to touch people's hearts.
X-Tro on 21 May 2004
Super..ce que le mondes on oublier....
de vie passe si elle peux paretre lente...
bonne vie !... X-Tro..
mainman on 1 May 2004
Animation does not get any better than this. Thank you for a wonderful bittersweet story that was poetic and moving. I wonder, what the main character's relationship with his children was like.

pinto on 13 April 2004
incredible beautiful , I don't have words for it
Bob on 13 April 2004
God bless you for capturing the brevity of life in such a beautiful and tasteful way. I wept through most of it and beyond. Without the peace of God in my heart it would be overwhelming but the experience for me was a wonderful reminder of what matters and what does not.
Mintoo on 12 April 2004
I am satisfied with the clip.
Sharon on 11 April 2004
Just a terrific little story and so close to life itself. It was a moving story and loved the animations.
gecko on 1 April 2004

Very creative and very interesting story. Certainly the best animation on this site by far.

Red on 11 March 2004
The best I've seen for a long don't need the best 3D characters or world to make a great movie, just a world you can believe in...Magnificant. Congratulations to the whole team! You've gotta put it up for at least one award. DavidB
arleen on 10 March 2004
I found this film to be utterly moving. So simply, but very profound. Poignant without being trite or overly sentimental. The art work is amazing. I cried through most of the film. Fantastic!
John on 8 March 2004
great site. I am a bit behind in the mpeg series and was wondering if you can help me, I have a sony ericsson p800 and it plays only mp4 files.

How do I convert mpeg 1 to mp4?

Joe Daniels on 24 February 2004
wow! i really like this film. the story is so beautiful. it's the small details that just grab your heart. the imagery is beautiful to watch. i definately was on the verge of tears for most of the film. Watch this film.
General Dzur on 24 February 2004
wow...simple and very powerful. I'll admit I cried at least once. I HIGHLY recommend this film.
Alex on 20 February 2004
Brilliant little story that is as deserving as an Oscar as anything short film I have ever seen.

Simple and yet powerful, this truly an amazing little short film.

Steve on 18 February 2004
Outstanding! I was nearly in tears through the whole thing. This is a huge download but worth EVERY byte !