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The Judgement

4.06/5 (318 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 25/3/01
A prisoner of war from a far away planet is chased to earth by an alien cop. After invading the earthly bodies and evolving for twenty-five years, the confrontation is ready to begin. There can be only one victor-only one judgement.
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DAT48 on 17 December 2006
Superb - thanks for letting us download.
Kenneth-Irons on 3 November 2001
Damn !!! that was tight as hell. I loved it, got me wanting to see more..
Pixelman on 20 October 2001
AMAZING piece of work!, I really liked the effects and the 'fast' action. Just 'out-of-this-world' combinations of light/scenery/mood and camerawork.

Hope I'll be able someday to even your stuff.

Keep your fantastic work up!

[Creativity is only limited by our Imagination]
humberto on 22 September 2001
Hawkr on 26 August 2001
Nice job. The human model looks a bit like the Zygote models. I'm not sure if this is coincidental or not. It's a very Japanese feeling story, with little in the way of logic, but nice effects and the audio is cool too. I just want to know why the lead character lets his butt get kicked before pulling out the super powers.
n8Dog on 24 August 2001
personally, I think the human is a wuss cause he cheated..

nice animation dude!

3DAnimator's Boss on 24 August 2001
You're working at LucasArts, so that's good that this project got you playing with the big boys.

Your lighting and fx work were pretty cool. Some better than others.


Your animation is a bit stiff. And there's a lack of weight to the characters. I understand that these guys are superhero caliber dudes, but when a man/creature hits a wall, he would fall like an object weighing their respective weight.

Anyways, if this is a student film, it's pretty ok. But there's nothing like on the job training.

Good luck at LucasArts.

3DAnimator on 24 August 2001
Hey, I Have to sat, I liked the effects and lighting. But honestly, the animation wasn't that great. Some of the motions looked really wrong. I don't know if your're an animator, so I won't bash it. If you're not an animator, thats a really good start. You have more talent than most people out there:). Also, some of the camera cuts made you loose the motion. There where some parts that were hard to follow because of the camera work. But all in all, its pretty good since you did it all by yourself.Good Try!
Infinity Filmz on 23 August 2001
Really nice work.. As a DBZ fan, and a 3d artist this really inspired me to start getting serious about my craft...
baller on 17 August 2001
yo fool that movie was dope! the fight part
was great. you should be a 3d animator! it looks
best of luck!
ToxicSuperSaiyan on 15 August 2001
It's the shit!!! I love the Dragonball Z action!
scadman on 3 July 2001
Great job, i remember seeing this in the trustees theater as your final 3d project during my junior year at S.C.A.D and it is a great inspiration for 3d art students, keep up the good work!
Iceman on 21 June 2001
Very cool stuff. So again: What do you do? 3d Animation?
neowulf on 19 May 2001
Wow! This is good! I wish it had more set-up and resolution, but oh well! It's a five minute fight-fest owing a lot to _Matrix_ and _Dragonball_Z_. Is that supposed to be Keanu Reeves? On the author's old webpage a screenshot is labeled "t_keanu.jpg" -- and it *does* look just like him from _Matrix_!
Crazy Mexican on 16 May 2001
This short film is awsome!! Like Ebert & The Movies rates 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!! Reallistic graphics, its almost like the real thing like humans!! I'm Really into movies and short films. And let me tell you all that this is the greatest film I've ever seen yet!! :)
Pegasus on 1 May 2001
Si Bei Hor!!! In other words...the best. Good action, fantastic sounds, what can I say.
khmerchaos on 28 April 2001
I love this film. It been awhile, but this is the tightiest CG-Animation I have seen. The story line and the Fight is tight (Wish it was longer). The Power-Up is similar to "Dragon Ballz", but to put it in CG-Animation..... it the best ideas ever, I must say. Hope you have more coming! later'
iconoclast on 28 March 2001
This really isn't too bad. Nice work!
Hamlet on 28 March 2001
Hmmm. Good. Although most of it is shrouded in darkness. Also, a few of the textures seem a little blury.
Very good all the same.
Two thumbs up.
duri on 28 March 2001
walaki on 28 March 2001
I can't beleve it!
it's excellent! near to perfect! :)
thomas_4d on 27 March 2001
very cool :)
fighting is excellent, the human is very cool
dagonball Z style fighting ( the best!!! :)
are you working as a 3d animator ??
if not you should !!!
this is a very pro looking animation
wish you the best of luck :)
R on 26 March 2001
Im the first to post a comment. but i havent sen this :)