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The Cathedral (Trailer)

4.25/5 (493 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 13/12/01
Trailer for the upcoming short film "The Cathedral"...
We are all loking for the answers. We are all lost. We are all waiting for the Architect.
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SZTAJCHLIK on 5 December 2004
Nie ma co musi być OSKAR ....... Tomek wykonał kawał dobrej roboty ....

This movie is GREAT ..... What do you fell ?
shamas187 on 19 November 2004
The film is indeed great. Does anyone know where I can get the translated book it was made after. I'm not a Polish speaker so I need an english version. Thanks
aspasia on 3 October 2004
"left with no words to praise".
really awesome animation
JJ on 27 May 2004
Since I've seen the whole film six month ago, I fell in love with it...
Now, each time, I watch it, its an incredible feeling, like a journey you make everytime from the beginning, day per day...
It's not about to ask about the sense, to ask about the reason, you have only to watch and to stunner this little diamond of film...
Fliggy_Fae on 29 February 2004
Wow. Stunning and captivating.
DD on 6 December 2003
teasing. the facial expressions and atmosphere is amazing
just the thing to watch late at night :)
agonzalez on 3 July 2003
Where can I get the complete "the Cathedral" film?
jadugar on 14 June 2003
from where i can download the free trailer of 3d animation or movies
CTD on 8 April 2003
kazaa or any other p2p network
well, no oscar but still good movie:-)
tommy on 7 April 2003
Where can I donwload the entire version of "The Cathedral?"
TK on 25 March 2003
So where can I get the longer not the trailer movie thingy. Very cool stuff.
ella on 25 March 2003
i've seen the whole thing and i love it!
well done tomek
0G3n1u5 on 24 March 2003
Jaga on 17 March 2003
masterpiece - and nothing to add
Marcinoos on 6 March 2003
bardzo dobry film. Wykonałeś potężny kawał roboty. I nie jest to po prostu animacja. Ma w sobie coś... Doskonała grafa, piękne światła i nieujarzmiona wyobraźnia. Moje najszczersze gratulacje.
DaRaS on 5 March 2003
oSCaR FoR PoLaND !!! THiS FiLM iS THe BeST !!!
oSKaR DLa PoLSKi !!! TeN FiLM JeST SWieTNy !!!
Alexander Pappas on 26 February 2003
Tomek, Well done!! Congradulations on your nomination!
chinique on 11 February 2003
Today's Oscar's nominee:
DEEPS on 8 February 2003
hi.... can u pls tell me how i can avail the cathedral full movie......
amit on 18 December 2002

love u
love u

maybrick on 31 May 2002
Very good Animation!
Respect and go on like this 4ever!
The lights are beautifull....choice of the lights makes a nice radiosity effect!!!
Pep on 20 May 2002
I´m from Barcelona, the city of Antoni Gaudi, the Master of organic architecture. Bravo for your cathedral!!! Amazing models, textures, lights, enviroments... All very homogeneus
ZeroG on 19 May 2002
Well, it's won Siggraph 2002! I just wanted to tell you all people that Baggins just rules :)))) Keep on good work (as you have for the past year :)) btw the man cut his hair that's grown while he was working and there turned out to be a lot of it :))))
Hirigashi on 18 May 2002
Beautiful lighting, texturing and modeling. I was most impressed by your texturing =). Although, you used Mocap for most of the animation, looks like it payed off to use it. Otherwise, It would of taken forever to get those kinds of results using normal animation methods.

Im looking for forward to see it at this years siggraph =P
Wapcaplet on 11 May 2002
THIS IS AMAZING. Utterly incredible. The animation is perfect, so is the use of shading and light effects. I especially like the way some of the outer shots look like paintings :) I will check the homepage each day untill it comes out completed. Great work!!!
aekon on 25 February 2002
Love it! Great use of light and atmosphere. Environment is wonderfully designed. Camerawork is perfect.
rancid98 on 4 January 2002
This has to be the best quality in animation I have seen at this site. Truly exceptional
artopal on 29 December 2001
I like it. Already waiting for the whole...
ramma on 28 December 2001
oh man! looks amazing. reminds me of a schuiten comic book (a good thing).
d'oh on 14 December 2001
Awesome models and animation. Great use of lighting.
The shading is incredible. What more could you ask for?