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Ice Age (Trailer 3)

4.09/5 (493 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 16/2/02
The Ice Age 3rd trailer.
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rapagone on 23 February 2009
keno233 on 28 December 2008
olandpogi on 28 September 2003
i realy love ice age movie
CorrectdUDE on 15 January 2003
Best Movie ever !!!
Chits on 25 August 2002
real shame to have that superb animation techniques and all those incredible characters (except humans) and then spoil it all with such a stupid plot. yes, the jokes are really good and you have overall fun... but they better get a real story next time, it could have been a masterpiece with a better script
QQ on 18 April 2002
Who knowns where have the full version to download?Please Email,Thanks a lot!
spike on 3 April 2002
On Windows XP (GRRR...) you can't Download the trailer, you can watch it but not Download! But a really funny and silly film, the scrat is the best!
megadark on 19 March 2002
The trailers are quite funny. Some parts are quite sacarstic.

I guess I will definitely like it.

I must agree with Balor, if anybody wants to have Scrat as pet, be scared, and be very scared, and get ur insurance ready cos U definitely need it.
goomba2 on 17 March 2002
just seen ice age, Im in my 20's and my freinds joined me in the laugh. we all love didgital anitmations, this movies was no let down for that. was a little too short to notice any lack of character development, but hey, it was ment for ages who dont really look for that kind of thing. good job to the creators!
Balor on 16 March 2002
Eeemm... You DEFINITLEY DON'T want to have scrat as a pet:P
Balor on 16 March 2002
Eeemm... You DEFINITLEY DON'T want to have scrat as a pet:P
Bonzo The Lamb on 12 March 2002
have you reticulated your splines today?
=[TNT]=Michaelangelo on 1 March 2002
I think is going to be a great movie. At least it is gonna look great. But I would like to know when this movie is going to run in the theater.
rock hunter on 23 February 2002
Rocket science this ain't - but that's what'll make it a great flick
Burner on 23 February 2002
yay the first to post a comment
Skott81 on 19 February 2002
I think this should be an intreseting movie to go see at least scrat seems to be a very funny creature! March 15