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Ice Age 2 (Teaser trailer)

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donwloadUploaded on 31/3/05
The first hilarious teaser trailer for Ice Age 2.
As funny as was the teaser for the first movie. If you love Scrat, you'll definitively love this one !

Enjoy :)

PS : Sorry I did not find any bigger trailer than this one.
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sherif on 22 September 2013
sherif on 22 September 2013
abuhebah on 14 December 2009
like it
elaisa on 21 September 2009
deepu on 11 November 2007
joost on 14 March 2006
ice ice baby vanilla ice
Who knows the first song you hear?
Arno on 2 March 2006
What 's the song of the end of this teaser please. It's very important please please
Mon on 4 August 2005
let's see...
Yonathan on 1 July 2005
This site is very good