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Blue Sky Studios
USBlue Sky Studios
44 South Broadway
New York 10601
United States
Phone : +1 914.259.6500

Department : Rigging

Description : Character Software Developers help design and build the technology that keeps the quality and efficiency of our character animation pipeline on the cutting edge. This includes developing new control systems, user interfaces and deformation technology to meet the needs of both the Character Technical Directors who create our rigs and Animators who pose them. The technology must always be practical, efficient and of the highest quality.

Responsibilities :
Character Software Developers work closely with both Senior Character Technical Directors and Senior Animators to identify the needed technology and implement it to work easily and efficiently in the context of our production pipeline. They must work closely with other Software Developers and Researchers to ensure that the solutions are easily implemented, scalable and maintainable.

Qualifications :
• Solid understanding of character rigging, including related math
• Strong problem solving skills
• An ability to collaborate professionally with colleges and facilitate their work
• Object oriented programming experience, preferably C++
• Experience working with large code bases and libraries
• Proficiency writing Maya plug-ins is a plus
• Proficiency in scripting, preferably using Python, is a plus

Job Category
United States  
Job Type
Full Time - On location  

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