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The Return of the King Trailer

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donwloadUploaded on 5/10/03
And the last from the Lord of the Ring trilogy !

Enjoy :)
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frjohnson on 4 November 2005
Good Service
Marc-Antoine seyer on 15 November 2004
This is one of the best movie I have seen on this site. It is very good and noble.
vijay on 3 October 2004
dude this is a brilliant idea keep up the good work thanx for all the clips
XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
- About this trailer..NICE trailer. Well done! It advertises the movie without over-showing too much of the action, story, lines, and scenes. An example of a nicely done, nicely edited, trailer!


- About this movie. Is it worth seeing? HECK YES!

Peter Jackson 100% mutilated and destroyed the FIRST TWO MOVIES. The 2nd one by far, the worse. He claimed he was making them with the intent of "interpeting them his way." There is interpeting, and then there is blatant destruction like the parts he completly made up which have ZERO to do with the story, which actually CHANGES the story.

This one, the THIRD MOVIE, he stayed far truer to the books. And any changes he did make, ENHANCED the movie, and story. Not destroy it. I was pleasently surprised and happy, especially after seeing the total garbage he put into the 1st movie, and the absolute manure he turned the 2nd movie turn into.

1. There is ONE major glaring, negative about this movie. (though not as bad as the negatives about the first two movies). After Aragorn gets the Undead army to help him, the movie shows he brings them all the way to the city and uses them as a HUGE re-inforcement.

In the books, the Undead army helps him destroy the Corsair armies who were on the ships, far south of the city. The Undead then leave. Aragorn brings re-inforcements of OTHER HIGH-MEN aka other RANGERS to help in the battle of the city. Tolkien put this in on purpose to show that even though man "got shortchanged vs other races at creation", man is able to overcome insurmountable odds, because man has an inate resiliance. Man is not as weak as the other races think. Not even as weak as man himself thinks.

2. Sam Gamjee wears the One Ring during his quest to rescue Frodo!!!

3. Shelob is somewhat HUMANOID. The books describe her in such a way that she has a humaniod head that shoots webs out of her mouth, with a humanoid upper torso, attached to a HUGE spider's body and spider's abdomen. There is also an evil PITCH BLACK DARKNESS in and around Shelob's lair. Along with an insane stench.
Austin Gunnica on 21 July 2004
Can't wait2 see another sequel. It's really really GREAT...
diamond took on 17 March 2004
LORD OF THE RINGS ROCKS!!! THIS TRAILER (AND THE TWO TOWERS TRAILER) RULE! I must extend my thanks for putting this GLORIOUS trailer on your site. Anyone who downloads it would by lying if they did not rate it a 10. :)
Odona on 8 March 2004
Thank much for the trailer...
I saw the movie, in January..and it was a blast...
I can not wait till the movie comes out on dvd...But untill then,
naf on 24 February 2004
It wuz a good trailer and it took only 5 minutes to download. The movie wuz amazing. THX.
joe on 9 January 2004
abdel on 27 December 2003
Luthien on 23 November 2003
This film looks absolutely amazing! Accourding to those select few who got to see it in advance, they said they cried through the entire last hour!
Ethan Hunt on 5 November 2003
I have read the awesome trilogy an' cant wait 2 c the film.Specially I wanna c the scene when Aragon comes 2 the war--The Return Of The King.I think u also cant wait 2 c it.
Daddy on 10 October 2003
This is great, my daughter loves the 1st two Lord of the Rings (so do I) and whenever she sees my pocket pc, she has to see the trailer for Return of the King- OR ELSE! (she has the terrible twos). We can't wait!
Maniac on 9 October 2003
WOW, I cant wait to see this film! The first 2 where amazing, this one looks set to blast them both. Roll on December :D