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The Killer Bean 2

4.32/5 (3388 votes)
Downloads : 410623
donwloadUploaded on 5/1/01
This is a killer animation. This animation has won serveral prices and one of my favourites. On the author's web site you'll see all the details about how it was made. You also get a chance to download the music.
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TigerJD on 24 February 2016
This was the best animation I've ever seen!
Msmith2980 on 4 October 2013
dhuvhi on 15 March 2010
Good Movie
HinduAryan on 11 February 2009
Awesome movie!!!!
dat48 on 17 December 2006
Great movie - thanks for letting us downlaod it.
Danath on 3 January 2006
er...i saw this a looong time ago, and remember a time when you could download the music from the KB2 movie. many years later...i see no such link to download the music. is there a place where i can find it?
ANTHOMAN78 on 28 January 2005
Lo mejor en animacion pero me gustaria un sitio donde pueda descargar mas de ese tipo de animacion
Chad Assoluto on 14 December 2004
This short film is one of a kind, best of the century.
hi on 23 August 2004
well done
Sydney on 3 August 2004
Bloody fantastic movie!! Accolades from Australia. But everyone is now waiting for Killer Bean 3!
eddie on 22 May 2004
This was awesome.
I enjoyed the animation.
Very cool.
Pete on 26 April 2004
Best animated movie i have ever seen anywhere.I love it.
orange on 29 January 2004
Great Movie!
Great Animation!
I love it!
But i'm searching 4 the music, does anyone know where to get it?
Bydlo on 30 December 2003

especially if i see comments like:
"makes me wanna' shoot up my party going neighbors"
and stuff

but its well made!
Only the story sucks big time!
like jacob said:
" If you like violence or have time to lose, then go ahead and download this animation"
Lonk on 10 September 2003
Very Good and I'll wait for The Killer Bean III
ALOS on 19 June 2003
it has been the best animation yet plus fresh breaking moves.
Jacko_wacko on 30 May 2003
I like Killer Bean 2 in fact i think it is a cool internet minimovie if someone has it please send me the minimovie of Killer Bean 2 because i could'nt do it.
If someone emails killer bean 2 to me i will add u to my MSN contact list and won't block u.
Dan on 15 May 2003
Laughed my a$$ off!!!
saucy on 22 April 2003
I absolutely luv this piece of animation. The first time i saw it i was like OMG.....this is sooooo cooool. the matrix thing and the face off thing jus did it for me...killer bean is fantastic....thumbs up.
VeNoM on 1 April 2003
AHHHH I LOVE IT!!! i first saw it at a lan store my mate wroks at coolyah in Australia, melb, box-hill i think i neally pissed my self im downloading it now and for cable i think its going pritty slow its been downloading for 10 mins and its only at %20 :S... i thing the first was not that goos and a bit crappy for detail but it was a start the secend it a *&^$ING HIT!!!
good work jeff ;) cant wait for III 2 come out :D
reblchick on 26 March 2003
I know this animation has been getting a lot (if not all?) of rave reviews for almost every aspect of it: concept, rendering, music, animation, etc. But like LOTR at the Oscars, LOVE the technical aspects but don't think the story's good enough to make an impact.. I actually fast-forwarded the final duel scene. Talk about an anti-climax! Maybe Jeff Lew wanted to explore or test out the software (I don't know) but you can't show too much of the same stuff 'cause it gets predictable and boring. I mean, it's like, just when the audience expects something, WHAM! You peel off a layer to thicken the plot. Yes, it's a paradox. :)
DrDeath on 23 March 2003
this movie kicks A$$! great stuff when killer bean uses that gas can and i really like the matrix shootout at the end
Dragonwolf on 27 February 2003
What's your name!? Bean; Jack Bean! Ahhhhh It's the Killer Bean!!!!! What should we do to him boss? Runnnnnnnnn! Lol!

This is a great movie, that above is actualy a quote from the first Killer Bean movie, so now all you know the killer bean's name on here.
Dragonwolf on 27 February 2003
This movie and The Hunt, are very good 3-d animation movies, I have Killer Bean II and The Hunt in Divix format. Killer Bean is good also I have it, but it is only a minuet long and the beans are jelly beans actually in that. However it is much lower quality in graphics, it looks good watching it in a window but gets pixilated if you try to watch it full screen like you can with Killer Bean II
dMb on 30 November 2002
Killerbean 2 is kooooool but how come killer bean 1 isn't in here?
Mic on 27 November 2002
Nonething can be better than this movy.But it too SHORT. I hope to see more and more.
Achari on 24 October 2002
very very very ...... good excellent.
simply superb
Robert on 31 July 2002
man, this is one of the greatest animation i ever seen, im juz absolutly lost for words to describe it, perfect! very perfect!
Aldous on 30 July 2002
Absolutely Fantastic!!! John Woo would be proud of this!!! Remember, this guy was home-schooled!!! He DID NOT go to a film school or anything!!! WATCH THIS!!!
Uhran on 17 July 2002
I don´t understand why they are beans,BUT its really good.I am wating for the 3:rd animimtion.
gravelwolf on 15 June 2002
i first saw it at the police academy and could not beleieve how bad to the bone this killer bean is i would like to know where can i see killer bean #1 keep up the great work this s#%$ is great.
Johnnyblade on 9 June 2002
Ooh man when Ii was laughing but one thing i really like about it was the effects it was off the hook
HouPHad on 5 June 2002
Gr8 movie. Gr8 animation. Gr8 work ;)
Looking forward to see Episode III
sbc on 20 May 2002
Loved it.....but Killer Beans. What will you think of next? Took me a couple of hours to download. I did think this was pocket movies. Keep up the great work.
MooNSToNe on 7 May 2002
Oh My God >> was my first impression in the first 5 second this shit looks really good. then the funny shit started and i had 2 watch it again couse i was Rolling on the floor laughing. Ur animation capability is outstanding Jeff. not many people on this earth who can beat this shit. in the past 2 days i saw it aprox 15 times and using it as backgroundmusic at the moment :) wish u happy animating in the future and cant wait till part 3 is out. (speed it up a bit will ya :P )

An already killerbean addict.
TonkRogerio on 12 April 2002
This is the best 3d movie including Disney's attempt and any other 3d movie of all time really.
Its ironic how 1 man could out do Disney, matrix (the last fight scene out does any thing in the matrix), any other 3d short films...the only thing that beats this is a Bruce Lee flick and u should b honored 2 be in the same league as him.
Well done, u r the man.
Ps. I RRRREEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLYYYY wana c bean 1 and the concussion trailer but I cant down load it from the killer bean site, can any 1 help... PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEE.
inchantted on 18 February 2002
This is my favorite of all times!!
waldo on 17 February 2002
Why would you download it 3 times. Doesn't make it 3 times better you idiot.
ZEB on 15 February 2002
It´s the 3:d time I download this GRREEAATT movie, it is just to funny to miss out!!!!!!!
Slow Modem Man on 2 January 2002
It took me 5 hours to download but it was worth it!
Slydin_dhore on 11 December 2001
this movie kicks @#$. I love the whole idea of a coffee bean going on a rampage like that. Makes me wanna' shoot up my party going neighbors. Overall I would like to see more movies like this. Good work on this one Lew.

"just a bean trying to get some sleep"
Funny stuff man...
Renegade on 1 December 2001
That Is Ver Good Ha Ha HA
Maisam The Greatest on 28 November 2001
downlaod these movie also these are the best
Dobson on 16 November 2001
was good could have been better if it didnt have such a long bit at the begging and end could have had more good bits
Argon on 16 November 2001
Best animation I ever saw... amazing grafx and detail... phat music as well.... I watched it 3 times in the same hour... great movie.. all time classic.. i dunno wht this world would be without great animators like you... Peace... Hope KB3 is even better.... oh BTW when is it coming out??
qbic on 3 November 2001
Coooooooool!!!!!!!!! The best movie I ever seen! These bean's rule :)
ZAI0 on 30 October 2001
it's... ...i dont know.
Make Killer Been 3 PLS !!!!!!
wildricht on 29 October 2001
Coolllll!!!! pls. make a killer bean part 3 again! and make it more longer!!!!
Carrion on 28 October 2001
This animation will be one of those classics that you have to have.

The animation as a whole could do with a major overhaul and the voices really need to be more convincing. It looks like it was slapped together pretty quickly and there are a few unnessasarily slow clips.

Aside from the cons, it's a great animation. The sheer hillarity of coffee beans enacting matrix-like combat. Some effects are simply outstanding and the sound effects fantastic.

Worth every painfull minute for the download. (****-)
Jakal on 27 October 2001
Wow, absolutely impressive. Great work, be sure to check it out!
Domefire on 23 October 2001
Das ist der Geilste film den ich je gesehen habe!!
This is the most horniest film I ever seen!!
Matt on 15 October 2001
Jeff, I must admit that I was really really impressed with what you done, please keep it up...
I got a feeling we gonna see you make that directing debut soon......ever think of going commercial with this venture ???
Cot on 4 October 2001
Самая прикольная мультяха! Хорошая работа и обалденное звуковое сопровождение! СКАЧИВАЙТЕ и смотрите, не пожалеете!
khelben on 29 September 2001
improved freakinly lots compared to the 1st killer bean.!.!...just luv it!!...

he took like 3 years right?
Bruzumali on 12 September 2001
An excellent piece of work. I have been looking for a link to the "concussion trailer" that was mentioned earlier here. Where is this earlier Jeff Lew work to be found?
MAisAM_m2 on 12 September 2001
MAisAM_m2 :-)
download it and NJOY..
m_2 * m2 crazee on 7 September 2001
hahah its too funny with a bean sleeping hahhahha
killer bean on 7 September 2001
oh its so really cool movie and i am sure u will love it
Explicit on 7 September 2001
ownage, very nice movie my friend, i enjoyed it alot. Those beans rool
M2 on 6 September 2001
hey e-mail me about you and me also thinking to donate 99$ per month i promise . mann
beati_pauperes_spiritu on 25 August 2001
I enjoy it again and again...
yeah! Rock´n Roll!!please, never stop doing such stuff...
CO on 18 August 2001
I want a Killer Bean tooooo.......this is way coool!!!!
Max on 25 July 2001
Fantastic. The perhaps best movie my PPC has ever seen ;-)
WeSt PaC on 8 July 2001
the killer bean 2 is a very great movie walla...I mean it's fucked upp good....if u haven't seen it yet...DO IT NOW...from WeSt PaC - sweden..
DoeBoi on 6 July 2001
I'm not in to that kind of stuff, but DAMN it was awesome. Very Very Funny. I watched it with a few of my friends, and we all got a kick out of the film. Very Nice. HOpe You make a part III.
corpusvicissitude on 6 July 2001
Jeff, thanks for this short. I laughed so much my stomach protested!!!! Brilliant effects and superb animation. Watched the Killer Bean 1 and must say that you outdid yourself. Number 3 PLEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!
Mongrel on 3 July 2001
Dude this movie kicks ass!!!
my bro told me to download it and it was wicked...
i have told heaps of mates to download it and they all loved it as well....damn good effort man....cant wait till killerbean 3....add sum bullet holes and gore and stuff man..that would just top it off. well done
The Kurbster on 29 June 2001
Great, Great, GREAT Work!!! I really enjoyed watching it and look forward to more of your work.
Horness on 28 June 2001
Killer bean is superb. Well animated, great music, and a funny story line.

Even if you don't have a PPC, download it anyway.

Killer Bean Rocks.

TM on 28 June 2001
Excellent. Well worth downloading. Surprising that it was made by only one person.
Cybergangster on 27 June 2001
John Woo would be proud.

satanatron on 26 June 2001
ZA bean is a heavy assed killin machine, we all love it good work slimer.
wouldn't mind seeing "da bean" in a movie about gerkin farming.
walvats on 18 June 2001
Killer Bean is the best computer animation i have ever seen. Thats is unbelieveable shit jeff, keep it up.
Fish Killer on 16 June 2001
I want to say that I am VERY impressed. Being someone that is just starting to learn 3D Animation, it is very inspiring...i know that sounds lame but I love this to death. Incredibly funny and creative, and by 1 person...i pray that I can do 1/2 as good in a year or two.
Sniperwolf39 on 11 June 2001

I am really impressed. Jeff deserves a great amount of credit for doing such a great job on this video.

Mak Leto on 7 June 2001
Very Good! Steals some moves from a few movies; the matrix has been named before, but I also see some MI:2 and quite a bit of Face Off. If you are looking for other good action movies on line, go to and check out "The Hire" series. Very high quality car chases, with of course, only BMWs.
David on 1 June 2001
I'm found of this movie! It's a big inspiration for us all. I often watch it and it gives me energy to create such animations.
I downloaded many CG shorts from the net, but this one is the best!
I hope you'll make an episode 3!
Legasy on 1 June 2001
The best movie around. Just can't get enough beans, can't ya? However, why not try using a mpeg layer 3 or more? it'll help! The first one wasn't as good as this one though sadly. I give this movie, the killer bean 2, a 9!
Devistator on 30 May 2001
Dope as hell animation my opinion you should use real people next time but, this was still the shit. Keep up the good work. I love the animation of this video its like the matrix you can get into the mood of it.The expressions of the characters is just completely mindblowing. Well thanx for realesing this I'll download the killer bean 1+2 as soon as I get a chance.
opeongo on 30 May 2001
Bonus, excellent ride.
Robbie on 20 May 2001
Awesome movie. Coolest and funniest movie I've ever seen.
Jimbo on 18 May 2001
This has got to be the coolest computer generated film yet..

Wicked guy.
When's Killer Bean3 on the arrival as i wait with anticipation ???
Arquidruida on 12 May 2001
Hey man, very good movie... Congratolations!
Will you make the 3?
Hope so..
FireStorm9289 on 27 April 2001
abatex on 25 April 2001
queria encontrar uma mulher com uma bunda igual daquele bean dançando ...ha ha ha .O máximo !!Brasil .
SiR_DeE on 16 April 2001
Killer Bean absolutely fantastic...loved it to bits, funny as, also like the matrix scene's they were great, once again i see shefki has had his say in here as he did in 405 the movie well if you can do better shefki you twat send in all your handy work and let us see what a shit job you can do aswell ansd if you cant then keep ya trap shut and take pleasure in these 3d masterpieces. jeff lew you are the man and i hope you brintg out KB3 soon caus i will download it i dont care how big it is. thanks :P
Solid Snake on 14 April 2001
Best movie ever!!
Can't wait for The Killer Bean 3!!
singe on 14 April 2001
great, killer animation
you can get the first from
shadow on 10 April 2001
Killer Bean 2 was hype question...does anyone know where I can see the first one???
Mike on 6 April 2001
This is seriously the greatest movie ever.....nice work.
Furtree on 27 March 2001
love this flick, goes great with a double tall latte, hehe.
BAMF on 26 March 2001
Killer Bean 2 was freaking bad ass. It was funny as hell. Very well put together.
anarchy by fire on 14 March 2001
i've seen both beans, and i still am amazed. I love his work. anyone who hasn't seen the concussion trailer is deprived.
tooy the weekling on 11 March 2001
I like this movie a lot, it is very good made.
It is made on a very special mode like matrix, and thAt is a very good movie(I think)

Shefki on 11 March 2001

Seen better. Not bad. I give it say 6.5
Torgo on 10 March 2001
Another fine Animation Master project. Also see Raf Anzovin's "Puppet." Jeff Lew has some other fine work linked from his killer bean site. Checkout the "Concussion" clip. Jackie Chan meets Chow Yun-Fat from John Woo's "Hard Boiled."
Microcyb, Inc. on 9 March 2001
So, I am siiting here working away when, an employee tells me to goto

I go and download the movie, and all I can say is just simply excellent!

I use 3d VR software myself for creations, so I know that you need time, patience and most of all TIME! To create anything that is even simply good.

Your work is one that makes me wish the matrix was now Mr. Bean.

Simply excellent work, and cant wait for espisode three!
mumet on 9 March 2001
down load nya terlalu lama nih
PocketMovies on 8 March 2001
Well I prefer having also the picture ;)
MP3 is a sound compression and is part of MPEG-1 (yes MP3=MPEG1 Layer 3)...
GhettoHarry on 8 March 2001
I think the mpeg layer one compression rate is extremely lame. I suggest using a mpeg layer 3 format!!! :D
juny on 7 March 2001
wow!!! very fun!!!

your site.

to be continue.....
sugarbear on 1 March 2001
Great concept..That bean is way wired..18fps on my E-125.
aramica on 1 March 2001
Digitaldoug on 27 February 2001
Absolutely fantastic - I even stayed up past my bedtime to finish this flick. Terrrrrific job!!!
Zuruck on 26 February 2001
Greatest Computer movie ever, hands down.
Fulgore on 24 February 2001
Dude! This movie is soo wicked!! i cant get enough bean!! =) if your into first/thrid person shooters, or saw the matrix and loved it, then this movie is definetly for you! to perfect this movie, it needs some blood, gore, etc. but other then that, a 10/10
jacob on 1 February 2001
If you like violence or have time to lose, then go ahead and download this animation
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
Great story...beans?..anyway...Great movement..great animated..(could have better guns and better "gun damage" ex. holes in beens getting shot. but that's just to make it perfect)