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Post Industry Life

4.02/5 (112 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 10/12/01
The 9-minute story called “PostIndustryLife” contains a number of action jumps that remain deliberately incomplete, left to the spectator´s imagination. I love films with open endings, with action full of question marks. I was really inspired by some scenic compositions by UGRESS band, which impresses with its esoteric and mysterious character.
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Finiderire on 17 August 2009
Loved it in many ways 4/5
aladinviet on 18 December 2008
westek on 16 January 2005
a lttle incoherent. non-linear, everything good art should be. better than a warhol man!
huskey-style on 27 November 2003
absolutly brillant :-))))
my deeeeeeeeepest respect to you
thomas_4d on 14 December 2001
WOW WOW cool =)
yeah have to agree toward the end "alittle rushed "
but what a great job your did =)
truly inspiring stuff beats some of the sections in Disney's Fantasia =)
Salv8or on 14 December 2001
Its a must see for all !!!!!

Great work from start to end.
I got just a bit depressed when i realized that it had to come to an end. Beauteful composition and harmony between what u see and what u hear.
SHydo on 12 December 2001
Wow, the creator really did plug his head in there, a real feel to it, most of the *visual* effects are amasing, the fade of the arcades from underwater/mouldy to fresh and beautyful and fresh was breath taking - The creation of this was clearly done with a very very good idea of the wanted end result, which is probably why it works so well. The sound track made it all fall together in an mind absorbing way. well done! One negative point I have the feeling it was slightly rushed on the end and some of the modeling could have done with a bit more depth (when we enter that guy's head as he is desintegrating), but taking into account the number of people who worked on this I can only wipe away all of this and say only one word - Bravo.