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donwloadUploaded on 10/2/01
'Blockbuster' is the story of two guys hot on the trail of three mysterious objects. Action, suspense and more action, 'Blockbuster' guarantees a wild ride and an unexpected ending.
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leo9 on 5 June 2008
Nice one!
dat48 on 10 October 2007
Comic with good spacecraft animation - thanks for letting us download and see
pablo on 13 January 2004
Bob Dole would even agree that this movie sucked!!
K-Diggie on 4 October 2002
This has to be the dumbest movie on this site. What the hell? Were the creators or drugs? I'm very dissappointed at Pocketmovies for allowing such tripe on this site, I thought you guys were a quality website. The animation is bullcrap, the models are bland and ugly, they look like they were done by a 12 year old. The acting is worse than Chris Rock's. It's hard to believe those guys had human mothers. Good lord, that sucked. I think I lost a few years of my life because of that movie. You guys need to find another hobby because you suck at this one.
Bazbazil on 20 March 2002
I'm very impressed my monitor didn't explode, This movie is for blind people, and they would probably even complain about the score. IT JUST SUCKS >:-(
Travieso on 12 December 2001
Not bad. The ending was...dare I say -cute. Chicks would even enjoy.
ph europe Belgium on 3 December 2001
very nice nice, like that stuff, prachtig!
rick on 20 August 2001
mp3maniac on 17 June 2001
"all your base are belong 2 us!"
Dancer on 12 June 2001
Wow!!! You got some great actors in there, especially that red headed piece!!! Love ya Sky!!
Can't wait to see more.
abatex on 25 April 2001
Mucho loco essa parada , da hora cara !!
Rogue on 15 March 2001
Someone set us up the bomb.
Madamme X on 9 March 2001
Me Bum Is Very Bummish! Be Bum? Very Mummish, My Bum Is. Is Me Bum Very Bummish? Me Bum Is Very Bummish (Very Very Bummish). Be Bum $Bum,Bum,Bum. Me Bum.

Bummie Man
Chalky on 6 March 2001
masterful cinematography .. rivetting score .. great actors .. superb animation .. Very Cool Indeed!!
Naz on 2 March 2001
"Really Rocks man" Great work!
Busta on 26 February 2001
the graphics are good but still wack.
lasseter on 23 February 2001
i'm verry impresioned...
BON on 23 February 2001
Здорово ребята ))))
А можно еще и на русском фильмы ????
Ну вроде все (тИПА вЫ ПОЙМЕТЕ ВСЕ )))) )
с УВАЖЕНИЕМ, b.o.n
nixx on 23 February 2001
Some good stuff, sure
although VERY cliche, I thought it was quite entertaining. Too bad the end sucked tho...

Maybe you should change the end...but overall,
I couldn't do any better...
Simmo on 21 February 2001
Don't waste your time unless you want to check how fast your download speed is.
bob on 20 February 2001
The chick's hot, the action is excitng, the special effects are cool and the craft just rocks!
FL@R= on 19 February 2001
Absolutely no story, mediocre special effects.
It does not have a single thing a good movie should have. It´s empty.
Find another job, please....filmmaker wannabies.
Waldo on 17 February 2001
Great job on the special effects.
MeThinx on 17 February 2001
I like it! Effects are great and it has lots of good action and stuff. Cool music too :))
Tiddle on 16 February 2001
Pretty poor effects and story.
ted on 13 February 2001
sweet animation cool ship funky sound too! exiting!
gap on 13 February 2001
Tony on 12 February 2001
Cryptic, but very easy on the eyes/ears. I felt very entertained.
The Doctor. on 12 February 2001
Hmmm.....enjoyed.......nice lights, cool little spaceship.....i gotta get me one of those alien guns.Have they/you done anything else?
X-Man on 12 February 2001
Technically very slick. Love the spacecraft, stange wardrobe and funky guitar. A real curio!
Voxxer on 11 February 2001
Okej...a little shocked over the end...not very positive..Pretty good 3D art..MIB copying..(I'll explain if u ask)..Not haha funny :|