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  • 3.17/5
(9:09) in Animations
There was a time when looking at the sky was not possible... This is how the legend begins. Let bet enchanted by this old Apache legend told by an old Indian in this wonderfull animation !
A real masterpiece.

Art's Desire
  • 3.23/5
(3:54) in Animations
A character from a famous painting explores the museum in search of a better world.

Traditional hand drawn animation, 3d, and After Effects.

  • 3.19/5
(7:45) in Animations
In a falling world, the ORACLE system bring you the solution.
Mr Arkel is one of you and watch a simulation that will tell him his new born behavior in the future.
With ORACLE, you have a choice !

  • 3.20/5
(4:40) in Animations
Charly a banjo player faces a really strange obstacle : a toll right in the middle of nowhere in the desert managed by an old robot not easily fooled !

Realized by:
Fabien DUMAS :
Benoit GUILLOU :
Cecile JESTIN :
Jerôme HOULIER :
Baptiste LEMONNIER :

Sound: Marc Leflour, Thomas Bloyet, Benjamin Fournier
Jerome Chantal, Guillaume Robin

Original score: Guillaume Bertrand, Florian Monchatre

Clik Clak
  • 3.51/5
(5:39) in Animations
Logique événement dans robots univers boum langage théière subjectif et plaf loufoque !

Clik clak is a wonderful animation brought to you by 3 french students. It\'s like a domino fall out, but with objects and sounds are words that defines a robotic langage...

Even if you do not speak French at all, you\'ll enjoy it as well !

  • 3.78/5
(3:18) in Animations
When a monastery is invaded by Vikings, a monk uncovers his real identity to save his fellow brothers: SuperMoine.

Fin d'été
  • 3.39/5
(5:40) in Animations
In an abandoned city before a tropical storm, a woman decides to stay…
Through this film, our ambition was to portray a particular ambience and feeling more than a heavy storyline. We (Patrick Harboun, Ronan Le Fur and Joaquim Montserrat) worked on it for 6 months within our studies at Supinfocom, a French CG animation school.

Oban Star-Racers
  • 4.21/5
(2:49) in Animations
Following up on its award-winning pilot film "Molly, Star-Racer", indie company "Sav! The World Productions" went on to produce a full 26 half hour series in Paris and Tokyo: "Oban, Star-Racers".
Here is OSR's highly anticipated first trailer. The series premieres in France in April 2006 and will be gradually released in all major territories throughout the year.

The Piano
  • 4.26/5
(2:22) in Animations
A touching retrospective of an old man's life, based around the evocative imagery created by his piano playing.

The Big Fall
  • 3.50/5
(5:02) in Animations
It's dark. It's raining. The streets are empty. A contract killer goes for his next victim. Nothing will go as expected.

Written and Directed by: Antoine Waked
Art and Animation: Michel Dani
Music and Sound Design: Nijad El Assaad

Le Building
  • 4.24/5
(1:30) in Animations
"Le Building" is a short film made by a team of 5 french students from the animation school "the Gobelins" in Paris FRANCE.
It was made as an opening short done for the Annecy 2005 international animation festival.
The idea is simple : a grand mother wants her neighbour to stop singing so loud. But events happen through a crazy chain reaction, for your viewing pleasure :)
The movie was completed in 4 months and a half ( including screenplay, storyboards and designs ). The technique is a mix between traditionnal 2d, flash, and 3d animation. As there are several techniques used in this film, the challenge was to blend them so that you won't notice it too much. For example the Pizza guy, his bike, the bus, and the crane are in 3D, and the cat is animated using Flash.
Enjoy ;)

Get Inspired
  • 3.29/5
(4:59) in Animations
Get Inspired is a short film by Manu Järvinen. For him, coming from an illustration background, the animation was very difficult field to conquer, but he did quite a good job for a first-timer.

Get Inspired was released at Assembly 2005 demoparty in Finland, and it came first in the short film competition based on audience votes. It gathered twice as much votes as the film that placed second.

The film is about an indignant dude, who awaits his package from Santa Claus. But will everything go as he expects? Watch it and find out.

Saturday Afternoon Fever
  • 3.40/5
(2:27) in Animations
An Old man playing a record on a quiet afternoon discovers its contents to be different than he had expected.

  • 3.57/5
(1:18) in Animations
In a bookstore of the beginning of the 20th century, a little boy falls accidentally on a strange book...

Dorky Dad
  • 3.58/5
(3:28) in Animations
DorkyDad is a Short Film created by Justin Rasch. Los Angeles based Animator working in the games industry.

Dorky Dad is a father and Husband coming homefrom a day of work. He is very excited about seeing his kids and when he arrives home he finds them completly zombied out on video games. He then tries to woo the children away from the games to play with him. This is the Conflict of Dorky Dad...can he resolve it?

Amateur God: Openmindead
  • 3.16/5
(3:36) in Animations
This is a musical video for the Amateur God project's song Openmindead. This video won first award on Festival of Slovene Animation in category animated music videos. It is also featured on Black Rain Records' DVD "Different".
Our mind is just a big complex toilet...

(Warning : some images might be too violent for children)

The Shirt Machine
  • 3.25/5
(5:43) in Animations
The Shirt Machine is the story of the young narrator’s uncle, who, on the remote island of Mull in Scotland, makes many amazing shirts using his self-built Shirt Machine.
This is my first animated film, and I learnt to use the software through the process of producing it. Therefore some of the technical software ability varies from scene to scene, depending on where I happened to be on the learning curve at that time. But having said that, I am pretty happy with the story, and the actual animation overall.

Zen / The Audio Pool
  • 3.66/5
(4:28) in Animations
This short film / music video hybrid called "zen/the audio pool" chronicles the wondrous journey of a butterfly through 3 kinds of environments, from simple 2d through a 2d/3d blend up to a live action/animation world.
It features music by san diego´s finest "the album leaf".

  • 3.88/5
(2:21) in Animations
The film takes place in a robot factory, where to rejected robots ridiculously fight over a loose hand.

Le Vieil Homme et les Poissons
  • 3.38/5
(6:30) in Animations
Le Vieil Homme et les Poissons is the story of a man longing to be a fish. A chance encounter with a fish on his boat inspires him to finish building a contraption that will help him achieve his dream.

(Note : Full credits available @ David's site.)